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History Of Bags: The Origin Of The Greatest Bags In History,We often go to a bag shop to get bags that complement our clothes. However, we rarely wonder how the tradition of carrying handbags, purses or even wallets began when we shop for bags.

          Handbags and purses have their ancestry in early pouches that were used to hold money, personal items, seeds, medicine, religious items and so much more. Right from the earliest phase of civilization, people started using bags and purses on a daily basis. It wasn’t reserved for women; men used handbags as well. The main reason why bags and purses were prevalent was that clothes had not yet equipped with pockets. We can know how the earliest bags looked from the paintings, tapestries, few archival handbags and prints found at the museum. These bags are extremely rare because they were often made out of perishable materials. Purses and bags were made for several purposes and came in a conglomeration of designs. There were leather purses, pouches that had drawstring and bags with clasps. However, there were a few shoulder bags that were typically attached to the girdle of the owner. It wasn’t until the 16th century that pockets of the were introduced. This eventually led to a decline in the number of men who used purses and bags. Men began to rely on their pockets to move personal items around.

During the 17th century, men completely stopped using the bags and purses. Bags and purses became exclusively for women.New designs began to emerge during the 16th century. Women began to wear their purses on a chatelaine. A chatelaine is a hook on which small utensils were attached. Things like knife cases, keys, scissors, and even sewing tools were kept on the chatelaine. This chatelaine was considered as a status symbol or jewelry because it was usually made with precious metals. More about Handbags Brands: With time, the adornments and design of the chatelaine advanced. At the genesis of the 20th century, however, the handbags finally replaced the chatelaine. Through the 17-18 and the early part of the 19 centuries, most female clothing were made with one or two pockets. These clothes were made in such a way that women could easily keep personal effects right beneath their skirts without anyone noticing. These unique pockets were typically worn in pairs. One piece would hang from the right hip while the other would hang from the left hip. These were eventually generally recognized as thigh pockets. These thigh pockets continued to trend for most of the 19th century. With a new era, came new bags (1800 – 1900 A.D.) The discovery of the legendary Roman city of Pompeii in the 18th century led to a proliferation of Roman and Grecian cultures. This included female fashion. Apart from the discovery of Pompeii, the Classicism movement also had a serious influence on women’s fashion around the world. The method of designing dresses changed. The waistline was moved upwards, and dresses were made straight. Under these new dresses, there was no allowance for thigh bags. Women began to put their personal effects inside reticules. This was the first ever handbag, and it was typically carried on a chain or cord. These reticules were 100% handmade from different types of fabric. In most cases, the women who used these reticules made them themselves.


During the industrial revolution in the 19th century, several manufacturing methods developed. Materials like papier-mâché, polished steel and iron emerged and were used for bag production bringing about the birth of modern designs and models of bags. Advanced bags were invented for the 19th-century traveler. The invention of these new bags made travelling easier by railway and boat. The hand luggage used for railway travel were the forerunner of today’s handbags. Although these carrier bags were made for travel, it was also used for shopping. Present day handbags (1900 A.D.) Art and fashion movements came and left in a rapid alteration in the 20th century leading to the advancement of handbags. Women could easily buy handbags from any bag shop. Although the women emancipation had the greatest influence in the streamlining of handbags. Day in day out, more women gained employment and their mobility greatly influenced their need for handbags. Before long, there were handbag wholesale shops at every city. These handbag wholesale shops usually had a bag lady who was responsible for guiding retailers on the latest trend. These retailers, in turn, sold these handbags in their handbag shops were any woman who shopped for bags could easily get them. Different sorts or bags were made for different purposes to meet the growing needs of women around the world. Leather document cases were meant for going to work, and plastic daytime bags were made for walking and visiting. Also, elegant sparkling bags model, were used in the evenings; perhaps for an outing with a mate. At the peak of the 20th century, branding became necessary. This was when the greatest bag designers began to emerge. They began to storm the world with their stunning, top notch, and unique bags. Manufacturers like; Gucci, Prada, Hermès and Louis Vuitton focused on leather ware.

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  The legendary fashion designers like Yves Saint Laurent, Chanel, Dior, Versace, Dolce & Gabbana, and Donna Karan elevated the status of handbags from just an optional aid, to an important accessory that was necessary to complete dressing. Unlike in past centuries, designers no longer remain in one fashion for long, rather, they change from season to season, with each new design sending its predecessor out of the market. An election for bag enthusiasts So if someone was to ask you; which is the most powerful chic bag of the year 2016, what would you say? This is no joke. Make a choice today and let the entire world hear your fashion voice. This is the latest era of all It bag. In the spirit of style and the spirit of fashion democracy. We are holding our chic bag election, and our aim is to crown the #ItBag2016. Your vote counts; which one of this stunning bags do you think deserve to be graced with the title? We know it can be a rather difficult, considering the fact that all the legendary purse designers always have a way of capturing the heart of all bag lovers. Before you go through our list and fling your vote, it’s important that you know the forerunners of the present generation with our convoy to chic bag history. The idea of “having everything” and the substance that grant status will always be in flux. Some time ago in the bounteous twenties, the flapper coveted a fiber of pearls and the amazing digits of a definite bootlegger; the mink coat led the It bag matron of the fifties. However, since the genesis of the nineties, (the revolution of fashion and the now booming luxury industry) the chicest bag has been the elegant arm candy. At one point, all It bags were described as that essential accessory that made a statement for you. So if you were asked to choose, which would it be? Which bag would have the honor of being named the chicest bag in history? Note that it’s no one on our list is more superior than the other. All ten have a unique look. Bag and purse enthusiasts usually go for any of not all of these legendary bags. So before you step into a bag store or place an order from any online handbag shop, make sure you know exactly what you want. It’s time to cast the most important fashion vote of the year.



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